See Stops and Arrival Estimates in Go Transit Apps

I have been making several improvements to the montclair code base, which is the software that powers all the Go Transit apps.

Go Transit now shows the stops of the selected route
See the stops for the Highland #12

First, for the selected routes, you can now see where all the stops are. This helps people who are unfamiliar with the system know where to pick up a bus that is near by.

See the arrival times of buses for the selected stop
Stop Arrival Times

Selecting a stop on the map will show you the estimated arrival time of buses for that stop! This is a live view that is continuously updated as the arrival estimates change.

If multiple buses use this stop, view all their arrival times
Arrival Times of a Stop with Multiple Buses

If multiple buses go through the same stop, then the app will show the arrival estimates for all the buses. This is especially useful in cases where routes overlap and you have multiple options.

All of these changes have already been pushed out, and any apps you have should automatically update!